History of the hunley

On a number of occasions in the early s, I met with Senator Strom Thurmond, who years earlier had secured me an appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy; and with Senator Ernest Hollings, who I considered a personal friend and who was also a diver.

The Hunley’s Daring Submarine Mission, 150 Years Ago

The purple area on this map indicates the only waters 18. Here are both of their letters. The last that I heard, McGeehee was doing similar type magnetometer work for the U.

Discovery of the Hunley

But it was not until February 17,when the Confederate torpedo boat H. Ignoring all safety rules, I went racing to the surface, literally screaming through my regulator: Until I felt I needed to get the public involved, I had actually taken active steps to hide much of what I was doing from the press.

Virtually all were published authors and internationally known for their work with shipwrecks. The United States government intervened in the case, but did not dispute either my discovery or my ownership. I now suspect it was really due to the then hidden machinations of Dr.

History of Submarine Hunley Marred by Conflicting Claims of Discovery

Gibbs introduced me to NPS underwater archaeologist Dr. Much has been learned about the Hunley since its recovery. In I borrowed a proton magnetometer and, with the help of Mike Roberts and David McGeehee, I was able to relocate the wreck and get more angles and ranges for its location.

I had also learned to use houses, trees and lighthouses on shore as ranges. Whatever their actual reasons, which I am unfortunately not privy to, despite the accuracy with which I had mapped my discovery, neither Amer nor Dr. However, archaeologists working on Hunley discovered evidence, including a spool of copper wire and components of a battery, that it may actually have been electrically detonated.

It was constructed out of a foot-long cylindrical iron steam boiler with a tapered bow and stern. The Naval History and Heritage Command site also has a comprehensive history of Confederate submarines.

Newell was technically incorrect, as commercial divers Jim Batey, who now does sidescan sonar work for FEMA and other departments, and the late Ron Reneau, both dove on the wreck shortly after I discovered it in and confirmed it was indeed the Hunley.

Confederate Navy Lieutenant John A. Newell credits his expedition only with the official verification of the Hunley. I also learned that Senator McConnell was crediting Cussler with the discovery. The American Diver was ready for harbor trials by Januarybut she proved too slow to be practical.

Our hope was the wreck had been uncovered by Hugo. A nearly complete copy of the original high-quality report is available to group members in the Files section at the CSS H L Hunley Yahoo group, linked below. It was all of that prior experience that suddenly came together and allowed me to recognize what I was seeing.

Marshals Service, which would not have been the case if the United States had a legal claim of ownership to the wreck. The Confederate Navy once more salvaged the submarine and returned her to service.

Bait was spilling from the trap. Hoyt, but John McKee says that although not detailed it is "a good overview Like the original, this slightly smaller format trade paperback edition is illustrated with period drawings, photos, and copies of documents. Spence found the wreck in and immediately notified the State Archaeologist of his discovery, and for the next five years worked with numerous government agencies trying to secure permission to salvage it.

For the third time, Hunley slipped to the bottom of Charleston Harbor, but exactly why remains a mystery. And, over the years, I had come to realize that to do everything correctly would cost many millions of dollars.

There was no way we could both be telling the truth. In the late s the National Park Service published their assessment of the Hunley underwater site on the web. Following this, the submarine was shipped by rail to CharlestonSouth Carolinaarriving on August 12, Once the on-site investigation was complete, harnesses were slipped underneath the sub and attached to a truss designed by Oceaneering International.

The World's First Succesful turnonepoundintoonemillion.com When the Confederate submarine Hunley sank a Union warship years ago, it didn’t change the course of the Civil War, yet it altered naval warfare forever. Made out of 40 feet of bulletproof iron, the H.L.

What Sunk the Confederate Submarine, the Hunley? New Clue Emerges

Hunley was a Confederate submarine with a crew of eight. But despite its claim to fame, it was a dangerous vessel to be inside. The Civil War submarine H.L.

Hunley is important because it was the first submarine in the history of the entire world to sink an enemy turnonepoundintoonemillion.com made the discovery is important because it has been described by government officials as the most important underwater archaeological discovery of the 20th century.

It was the first submarine in history to successfully sink an enemy ship. Made out of 40 feet of bulletproof iron, the H.L. Hunley was a Confederate submarine with.

What Sunk the Confederate Submarine, the Hunley? New Clue Emerges

Feb 07,  · This website is provides an in depth look into the history of the H.L. Hunley along with providing a great collection of links, photographs and videos. Let’s take a look at some of the different pages and sections of the site.

History of the hunley
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What Sunk the Confederate Submarine, the Hunley? New Clue Emerges - HISTORY